Aerlink Відгуки

Not worth it

Not worth buying. Doesn’t do anything for my smart watch. Useless.

Rip off

App doesn’t work they just take your money then try and make you download another app


i want a refund this does not work its not what you specifie this is a scam!

Absolute scam!

This has to be a scam! No way of reaching the developer for instructions. Everything about it is shady. I just hope I’m safe cos I already made the huge mistake of purchasing it in the first place.


Doesn’t work I want my money back or I will have our attorney sue u for this. U have 10 days.

I want my money back.

Sucked didn’t work period


Waste of time money and energy. Doesn’t work.

Hate this app

I can’t get it to work with my iPhone 7s

Worst app ever do not buy

Do not buy. Can not connect to anything their is no option to connect to any thing

Does not work

I have downloaded several bt notifier apps for my phone, all of them say I need to download this app. This app does not work. Not alone or with any of the other apps. Definitely do not buy. Waste of money

Don’t get!

Got it to connect my smart watch to my phone and it told me to get this in hopes it would work. Do not waste your money!


This app does not work at all


Complete waste of money. I have an iPhone 6s and it was a complete waste of money it wouldn’t connect if I could give this app no stars I would. It won’t do anything I absolutely want my money back!

Does not work

Does not link with watch same with his other app BT Notifier - don’t waste your money!


This doesn’t work. Waste of $1.99


Don’t waste your money, time, data, or memory on your phone to download this app. It is a scam app. Rated one star because it is a minimum. I have requested apple to give me a full refund.


Useless! Don’t waste your money!


I would like my money back. Since the app doesn’t work

Did not work

Did not work I want my money back

Don’t waste your money

Horrible app... doesn’t work can’t get money back😡😡

Does not work.

This app shut my new phone down. Does not work. I want a refund. Will not assist in any device connecting with my phone. Does not do what it claims to do. I want my money back or I will contact Apple.

Moro 360

Great utility app for connecting a moto 360 smartwatch.

Refund please.

Does not work as stated. Waste of time.


This app doesn't work like they say it does and I want my money back

Not what you think.

Reminders work. It can take control of your iPhone camera. wow. gee whiz. Guillermo Cique does provide his twitter account info, so if you want to engage for instructions, with the limitations imposed by tweeting, go for it. As for me, I think this is ok for the $. Free would have been better. Ok. - here is an update... I REMOVED the app from my iPhone. Deleted the bluetooth connection and re-connected it WITHOUT the app. Reminders work just fine without Aerlink. It is, in my opinion a waste of money. I'd like a refund.

Does not work on iPhone

Want my money back please

Aerlink/BT Notifier

How do I get it to work because it is not working, I'm really getting drove because I spent my money on this and it's fulla rig

App does not work

How do I get a refund ?

Return of the moneys

Hello app doesn't work, wants the return of the moneys...


App doesn't work like it says it does.

Want my refund

This did not work, had to download another app STILL DID NOT WORK. How do I get my refund??

Does not work!!!

Moto360 v2 please update!

works well enough...

If you are like me and you are trying to use a Moto 360 with an iPhone you have two choices: use the crippling Android app or go third party. To use this app you have to first buy a janky google phone. I bought mine for $10. Then download Aerlink for free in the Play store. Then pair your google phone with your watch. Then you buy this app for you iPhone. Here is the trick: if you already paired your iPhone to your watch you will have to tell the iPhone to forget this device and then pair it again. I could not pair it even though the numbers matched. Turns out it was because I had already paired the phone and the watch back when I was using the official Android Wear app. I wish there was documention to explain this. Oh well. Now I have all the good watch faces and more functionality. It will even run Google Maps on WiFi. This app tends to drop the connection once a day, about the same as with the Android app. I found it is best to turn off Aerlink at night and re-pair in the morning. Also, when I turned it on airplane mode it had problems pairing. The watch will not change time zones without your janky google phone present no matter what you do, so travelers take note. I am basically happy with this setup. I love the Moto 360 second gen and also the iPhone and this is a cheap enough solution to get all those great watch faces. The watch looks different when paired with a google phone, the phone call display and music select look different. Power usage to me is the same as with the Android Wear app. Maybe even a tiny bit better. Seems to work better overall. Just do it.


I want my money back this app doesn't work how do I go about this ?

Probably forced to abandon previously working app.

The redesigned app is useless. Not worth the bandwidth to download it.

Terrible now

Refuses to connect/had to wipe watch and still won't connect 80% of the time/after all the trouble getting it to connect it unpairs way to easy. Fix app

Not Working With Moro 360 V2

I downloaded this application with my second generation Moto 360 and it is not working. I attempt to connect it and it keeps disconnecting and asking to repair with new codes every single time. Please fix.


Ya no funciona desde la última actualización con moto 360 no aparece en reloj

No funciona

Nueva actualización no funciona con moto 360

Disconnects way too easily and notifications are massively delayed

My Moto 360 disconnects a lot more easily than before the update. It also refuses to connect occasionally. All my notifications are delayed by at least 30 seconds. This update made this app basically useless.

It works great with the new update

Thank u!


Just doesn't work. $2 wasted

Does Not Work

Total waste of money. Developer does not respond to emails.

Can't connect anymore

Keeps asking for passcode but never connect. iOS 9.2 with iPhone 5s and Moto 360.

Doesn't work

Worked for about 10 minutes. Has yet to work again. Too bad.

iPhone 5s and lg g watch

Doesn't work. It did work once then after that it just says disconnected. I wasted $2 on it.

Price scam....or whatever.

Please tell my how an app that cost $1.99 has a subtotal of $5.86 and then a tax of $0.55? The total cost of this app that is supposedly $1.99, actually cost $6.41. I need to know how and who is pricing this app. There math is 76 shades of messed up.


I like the fact that it lets you know for the most part when it's disconnected, but the fact that repairing is still a pain isn't helping. A card or something that lets you know at anytime that it is still paired would be really nice. The only way to check if it's still paired is to basically text yourself and see if it shows up on the watch.

Really helpful !

A piece of masterwork !

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